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Serving Northwest Indiana for over 30 Years

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps aren't glamorous. In fact, they're one of those appliances that we don't give much thought to...until it fails to do its job. Even an inch or two of water in your basement can cause thousands of dollars of damage, ruining carpets, furniture, appliances, and anything else in your basement.

Don't be like so many homeowners who find out the hard way that
their sump pump isn't working. Tiger Plumbing will help you make
sure your sump pump is maintained and working properly to keep
both your basement and your wallet protected.

Proudly installing Zoeller Sump Pumps

Does water still get into your basement, even if your sump pump is working properly? If so, that could mean your sump pump isn't properly sized to handle the amount of water that's trying to get into your home during storms.

Call Tiger Plumbing today at 219-838-1151 or 219-663-7331. One of our professional plumbers will determine the area of your basement that may be at risk for flooding and offer a solution that's personalized for your needs. If the solution includes a new sump pump, we'll recommend the Zoeller sump pump that's exactly right for you, and will install it quickly, efficiently, and expertly.

Made in the USA, Zoeller sump pumps feature sturdy, cast iron switch cases, motor housings, and pump housings, which means they're built to last. Click on the Zoeller logo above, or click here for more information about Zoeller sump pumps.

Back-up Sump Pumps

Protect your home and possessions with a Battery Back-up Sump Pump or Battery Back-up/Sump Pump Combo from PHCC and Tiger Plumbing

Basement flooding happens during storms. So do power outages. Even if your electric sump pump is working properly, but a storm has knocked-out your power, you're at risk for a flooded basement and potentially thousands of dollars of damage to your personal property.

Tiger Plumbing has two options to help you protect your home and property when a storm knocks out your power or when your main sump pump fails.

A battery back-up sump pump unit from PHCC and Tiger Plumbing is a no-maintenance unit that never requires water to be added, like some battery sump pumps. The user-friendly unit features a visual control panel that is easy to understand and use.

Best of all, it is efficient and reliable. Call Tiger Plumbing today and one of our expert plumbers will talk to you about your needs and will recommend the unit that will best suit your situation.

PHCC Battery Back-up Sump Pump

PHCC Battery Back-up/Sump Pump Combo

For ultimate reliability and security, Tiger Plumbing recommends the new PHCC Pro Series "Pair of Pumps" combination system (pictured on the right). It combines an energy-efficient primaty sump pump and a battery back-up sump pump in one compact system.

The primpary sump pump operates on AC power. If the power is interrupted or if more water is coming into the sump than the AC pump can handle, the back-up sump will automatically begin pumping for maximum protection of your home and personal property.

The combination system contains unique monitoring features that can warn you if the power goes out, if the back-up pump was activated, and more. Plus, the controller can send an alarm signal to a home security system of auto-dialer to warn you in case you're not home.

Call Tiger Plumbing today at 219-838-1151 or 219-663-7331 and one of our expert plumbers will evaluate your needs and recommend the unit that best suits your situation. We look forward to serving you.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters from Bradford White & Tiger Plumbing

The perfect water heater to fit your needs

Water heaters from Bradford White and Tiger Plumbing are available in styles, sizes, energy option, and configurations that are right for every application. 

Bradford White water heater fuel source options include: natural gas, propane gas, electric, oil, and even solar. Indirectly powered water heaters that use the heat for a boiler to heat potable water are also available.

Tiger Plumbing will help you choose the water heater style that's just right for you, whether that's atmospheric vent water heater, power-direct vent water heater, power vent water heater, direct vent water heater — whatever your needs, we'll make sure you get the model and style of water heater that's best for you.

Bradford White water heaters from Tiger Plumbing include exclusive features available at no extra charge that are found on no other water heaters, like Hydrojet® Total Performance SystemVitraglas® (the world's best enamel tank lining), and the ICON System™ intelligent gas control.

Call Tiger Plumbing today at 219-838-1151 or 219-663-7331 and one of our expert plumbers will talk with you about the incredible variety of Bradford White water heaters, and recommend the type and model that best suits your personal needs. We look forward to serving you.

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